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Kevin K. writes...
"I am really trying to decide between an OC4 and your OC3."

I started out with 4 man canoes....but the problems I found were that keeping length of the canoe close to 30' and setting the iako placements for 4 just were not compatable to 4 person paddling.
Too short a reach for #2 and #4 (steersman) and banging the back iako for # 1 and 3. Also the volume of the 4 person canoe is really just right for the flotation of 3 when paddling.

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OC3 on Holopuni Canoe Dolly in San Diego Sailing the OC3 on Kauai Holopuni Quick Rig and trampolines

The three 3 man canoe I developed is a product of over 30 years of playing with, paddling, surfing, sailing, doing family trips and building outrigger canoes.

Our canoes are also built light and strong using the highest quality materials and advanced composite technology.

Skilled craftsmen with a real love of canoes will build your canoe with the same care and attention to detail that they put into their own boats.

Holopuni's OC-3's are constructed with the ruggedness needed to surf large waves, yet are light enough for two people to mount on a roof rack.

Our OC-3 is the canoe of our dreams,
and of yours.

I wanted a canoe that was light, easy and efficient to paddle for every one.
I also wanted it to be fast, easy to steer with good tracking, yet loose enough to have fun surfing and sailing.

It had to be adaptable and safe for a family..I've got 4 kids and 4 grandkids.

The set up for paddling is just like a 6 man canoe for all 3 seats.

There is enough flotation in the ama I have designed to carry any extra people on the tramp...which I really like to have for just cruising situations.

I have also decked over the canoe... which makes it alot drier, safer and we have just added the option of adding spray skirts for each seat to be really dry, safe and comfortable.

Kendall writes about his new fast rig sail set up..."I am totally stoked on my new rig."

Alan Faye- writes..."Went sailing with Kendall couple of days ago. That canoe really MOVES!!! Much fun."

A note from Tiger of Tiger Canoes and Kayaks...
"Canoes sure are looking good. We're really stoked for you."
Aloha Tiger

Mike Munoz writes...
"Mahalo for the info on the Holopuni OC3 configurations....... EXCELLENT !!!!!
My wife and I both mostly just paddle and I occasionally get to surf canoe, but I would like one we could sail also. I like the tri set-up for my wife, plus I have 7 grandkids I would like to get involved."

Fritz from Pacific Off Shore Rigging in San Diego writes...
"Hi Nick,
Well we had another adventure this weekend. Carl and I rigged the canoe with the single outrigger and the aluminum crossarms. I adapted a motor mount to the back of the aft cross arm to hold a 8HP Nissan short shaft. The engine mount worked well, but it would be alot better with a long shaft. The boat planed at 12-15 kts...."

Richard Canda shares some adventures in his old Malibu Sailing Outrigger...
" Just a sideline on the speed of that Outrigger......... On two occasions, with my outrigger, we had a power boat pull a skier along side......pass the tow line to us and we were able to pull her behind our outrigger. I never could pull her up out of the water tho. Ahhh, memories. Before I get much older I would like to re-live some of those again."

Greg B writes...
"Nick, I got your message twice. The first one had two pictures, both made me salivate uncontrollably... but viewing the pics caused me heart palpitations. The bible says that one shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. You are making me sin."

Very nice, looks good for surfing. Aloha Cappy

Aloha Nick,
The long awaited day has come and passed. Three of us sailed Holppuni OC3/S #7 at Hanalei Bay in about 20 knots, E-ENE.
WHAT A BLAST! I was amazed! What a pleasant surprise!I never imagined that she could point so high, not to mention catching swells that were almost non-existent and accelerating incredibly.
What happens when you have a ten foot ground swell and a twenty knot trade?! All in all, Holopunis are great sailing boats. I am very impressed and pleased, not to mention a little intimidated by the possibilities.
Mahalo for a great boat! Skip

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