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Holopuni OC-3
Outrigger Canoe

Length- 30'
Weight- 135-150 Lbs.

High tech polymer composite laminates

High strength to weight ratio

Solid covered deck with cockpit openings for three paddlers

Raised mounts for iako attachments

Flotation bulkheads at bow and stern

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Iakos and single trampoline Bow and ama logos Assembly of deck and hull

Holopuni OC-3/S Sailing Outrigger Canoe

* Length 30'
* Weight 150 Lbs. ( approximate)
* Solid covered deck with cockpit openings for three paddlers
* Raised and reinforced iako mounts with the iako attachments
  lifted an additional 3" on both the canoe hull and ama.
  This provides for additional water clearance when sailing in rough seas.
* Two 14' matching sailing amas

* Iako-Choice of
   A)-Trimaran iako set- Here the 2 amas are rigged out at an equal
       distance from the hull. This is our favorite and recommended
       sailing set up
   B)-Full length, wooden laminated Hawaiian Sailing Canoe
       Association-" racing regulation" sailing iako set.

* Flotation bulkheads at bow and stern
* A sleeved mast step forward of the front iako
* Bulkheads under both the bow and stern iako attachment points
* Strong, hi-tech polymer composite construction.

(The OC-3/SAIL has a stronger lay up than the OC-3 Paddling
Canoe. The additional reinforcement is necessary to accommodate
increased loads when the canoe is powered by a sail.

* Through hull tubes at bow and stern for securing additional lines
* Spray skirt attachments around each cockpit for rough water paddling
* Double hull iako set to rig two canoes together as a catamaran
* Additional flotation and storage compartments
* Out board motor mount
* Trampoline to rig between fore and aft iako

Interior bulkhead and OC3P iako mounting

All Holopuni Canoes are individually handcrafted by skilled canoe builders using high tech composite materials to ensure light weight, strength and durability.

Canoe hull and ama built by Huki Outrigger.

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