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The Hawaiian Canoe
by Tommy Holmes

Numerous specially commissioned diagrams and illustrations, along with a wealth of photographs will delight anyone with an interest in the maritime history of Hawaii.

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The Hawaiian Canoe
by Tommy Holmes

Available online at Booklines Hawaii
Hardcover: $38.00
ISBN: 0915013150
Pub.: Editions Limited

Painting at top of the page:
Attributed to Johann George Adam Forster, watercolour dated 1779
Represents the visit by Capt.James Cook to the Bay of Karakakooa on the main island of Hawaii. This scene is also famous for showing the first known "surfer".
Image: Kauai Fine Arts
Link: http://www.brunias.com/haw09.html

Other images on the page from:
"The Hawaiian Canoe"
Courtesy of The Holmes Family


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