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The OC3 Paddle can be paddled by three people or easily by just one.

It has a great rocker and can be surfed in fast Hawaiian waves!

The spirit of Hawaii and high tech composite polymer technology have been merged in the Holopuni OC3 to bring you years of joy, excitement and peace.

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Surfing and Gliding

HOLOPUNI 0C3 Paddling Outrigger Canoe
Basic Holopuni OC3 Paddling Canoe Includes:
1. Main hull
*30' hull with solid deck and cockpit openings for seat areas
*Hull weight 150 lbs. approx.
*Bow spray shield
*Flotation chambers with composite bulkheads-bow and stern
*Cockpit spray skirt rings
*3 composite seats
*Thru hull tubes attaching iako to hull

2. Ama (Outrigger Float)
*One 13' ama
*Interior stringer
*Positive interior flotation
*Drain plug fittings
*Thru hull tubes attaching iako to ama

3. Iako (Attachment cross beams)
* (2) laminated paddling iako

Additional Options Available:

*Spray skirts (Set of 3 nylon with internal hoop & zipper)
*Tramps 3' x 7' Heavy duty tramp material with stainless grommets
*Laminated arched pola to fit betwen the i'ako for tramps
*Canoe beach dolly
*Sunbrella covers for canoe hull, iako and ama's
*Canoe paddles
*Steering paddles
*Outboard motor bracket
*Bow and stern rigging/mooring tubes
*Fast rig bolt down for attaching iako to ama
*Fast rig bolt down for attaching iako to hull

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