Holopuni in Hawaiian means: "To Sail Everywhere"

The "Holopuni OC3 Paddle and the OC3 Sail are the three person, 30' Hawaiian outrigger canoes that have evolved since 1981 to meet the many challenging needs for paddling, sailing and camping in the wide variety of conditions found in waters worldwide.

The three 3 man canoe Nick Beck developed is a product of over 50 years of playing with, paddling, surfing, sailing, doing family trips and building outrigger canoes.

Our canoes are also built light and strong using the highest quality materials and advanced composite technology. Skilled craftsmen with a real love of canoes will build your canoe with the same care and attention to detail that they put into their own boats.

Holopuni's OC3's are constructed with the ruggedness needed to surf large waves, yet are light enough for two people to mount on a roof rack. Our OC3 is the canoe of our dreams,and of yours.

The Holopuni OC3 is sleek enough to track well either paddling or under sail, yet it still has enough rocker to surf in very extreme conditions.

 It has enough volume to carry a full load of camping gear as well as three paddlers.

 The OC3 Sail can be easily rigged with a sail, dagger board, and double set of iako and amas off either side of the main hull for stability.

The canoe can be outfitted with an outboard motor for cruising or fishing. A small inboard jet engine is currently being explored.


A word from Nick Beck, Founder/Owner:

I started out with a 4 man canoe but after much testing I found that the 30’  Holopuni was much more efficient set up with 3 seats rather than 4.

I wanted a canoe that was light, easy and efficient to paddle for every one. I also wanted it to be fast, easy to steer with good tracking, yet loose enough to have fun surfing and sailing.

It had to be adaptable and safe for a family..I've got 4 kids and 4 grandkids.

The set up for paddling is just like a 6 man canoe for all 3 seats.

There is enough flotation in the ama I have designed to carry any extra people on the tramp...which I really like to have for just cruising situations.

The Holopuni fun can be yours also.
It can be on a lake or in a bay.
It can be at night or it can be by day.
You can race or you can play.
You can sail or slowly float.
But just remember... it's not a boat
Holopuni is a proud canoe and it was made just for you!

Aloha and have fun

About the Canoes

The Holopuni OC3 Paddle and the OC3 Sail can be paddled comfortably by two people and very swiftly by three. It can also be paddled by just one person.

The Holopuni Quick Rig sailing system has been designed specifically for this canoe. It is easy to set up, sail, and take down. A 24" sleeve type mast step is set up forward of the front iako to take what can be a free standing mast, or if wind conditions warrant, stays can be added.

The entire canoe hull on both the OC3 Paddle and the OC3 Sail has a solid fiberglass deck with cockpit type openings for the paddling seats. This provides for a much dryer canoe with better storage capacity. It also makes it much easier when sailing to work on the rigging and to move across the hull from one side to the other when tacking.

The 3 paddling cockpit openings have spray skirt rings that enables the addition of a kayak type spray skirt for additional protection. This option is highly recommended for ocean paddling, sailing and voyaging.

The mounts for the iako attachments on both the main hull and on the ama are elevated to provide additional water clearance when paddling, surfing or sailing.

The ama have been designed to support the extra weight of paddlers hiking out on a trampoline which can be set up between the iako for sailing, fishing, cruising or just resting at anchor. (We have spent many a comfortable night sleeping on the tramp during our canoe camping trips.)