Even if you have a sailing canoe, paddles are important and fun.

There are lots of great paddling manufacturers out there making everything from heavy clunker paddles, that are a pretty inexpensive way to get started, to the high tech carbon fiber super lightweight marathon racing canoe paddles. Contact us regarding your specific needs and we can give you a recommendation.

Most paddling paddles vary from 8" to 10" wide and up to 18-20" long. The paddle length depends on your height. As a general guide measure from your toes to your sternum for a paddle length.

Paddle shafts can be either straight or have a bend toward the handle.

The one item that you cannot skimp on though is a good steering paddle. For even most light to mid range sailing conditions you will need a special steering blade. These paddles have a larger blade width and length. They also tend to have a slight bit of a ridge down the center of the blade that is put in along side the canoe hull to steer. This helps to have the water pressure keep the steering blade held firmly against the hull of the canoe when "poking paddle".

Remember... after a long day.. "light is right"!

P.S. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have a backup steering paddle on board at all times. It is now even mandatory for many ocean long distance racing yachts to have backup rudder systems.


Holopuni Canoes has developed an assortment of very nice and affordably priced steering blades for all sorts of conditions. A few of our favorites are described here.

Holopuni Regatta

This is basically a paddle for steering any paddling canoe efficiently.

This includes recreational paddling as well as racing in the popular OC6 canoes where turns may even be involved.

Holopuni Classic

This steering paddle is for the next step up from just paddling or racing.

It is made for surfing a canoe on waves, crossing channels and for use as a good all around sailing steering paddle.

It is still a paddle that can be used to paddle your canoe with... but when the waves come up or the wind starts to'll be able to handle the elements.


Holopuni Big Water

If you want to surf those big ones, scream in high winds and big swells, and still be in control, this is the paddle you want in your hands.

The Big Water is designed for just this assignment... and you won't be disappointed.

Holopuni Channel Crosser

This is our biggest steering paddle. It is a step up from the Big Water. You’ll know when you want and need this baby.

For long distance runs where it’s going to be necessary to hold your canoe on course at all times as if your life depended on it…This will do the job. It’s not something you’ll want to paddle very much with but it all sure help you hold your course.


Steering Paddles: The Big Water and The Channel Crosser


We are always working on improving and expanding our line of paddles.

Currently a new Holopuni XXL …a paddle for extreme conditions is being developed in Tahiti.