"I am totally stoked on my new rig."

Alan Faye

"Went sailing with Kendall couple of days ago. That canoe really MOVES!!! Much fun."


"Canoes sure are looking good. We're really stoked for you. - Aloha Tiger” (Tiger Canoes and Kayaks)

Mike Munoz

"Mahalo for the info on the Holopuni OC3 configurations....... EXCELLENT !!!!!
My wife and I both mostly just paddle and I occasionally get to surf canoe, but I would like one we could sail also. I like the tri set-up for my wife, plus I have 7 grandkids I would like to get involved."

Fritz Richardson

"Hi Nick, Well we had another adventure this weekend. Carl and I rigged the canoe with the single outrigger and the aluminum crossarms. I adapted a motor mount to the back of the aft cross arm to hold a 8HP Nissan short shaft. The engine mount worked well, but it would be alot better with a long shaft. The boat planed at 12-15 kts....” - Fritz (Pacific Shore Rigging in San Diego)

Richard Canda shares some adventures in his old Malibu Sailing Outrigger...
" Just a sideline on the speed of that Outrigger......... On two occasions, with my outrigger, we had a power boat pull a skier along side......pass the tow line to us and we were able to pull her behind our outrigger. I never could pull her up out of the water tho. Ahhh, memories. Before I get much older I would like to re-live some of those again."

Richard Canda

"Nick, I got your message twice. The first one had two pictures, both made me salivate uncontrollably... but viewing the pics caused me heart palpitations. The bible says that one shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. You are making me sin."

Greg B

”Very nice, looks good for surfing. Aloha”


”Aloha Nick, The long awaited day has come and passed. Three of us sailed Holppuni OC3/S #7 at Hanalei Bay in about 20 knots, E-ENE. WHAT A BLAST! I was amazed! What a pleasant surprise!I never imagined that she could point so high, not to mention catching swells that were almost non-existent and accelerating incredibly. What happens when you have a ten foot ground swell and a twenty knot trade?! All in all, Holopunis are great sailing boats. I am very impressed and pleased, not to mention a little intimidated by the possibilities. Mahalo for a great boat!”


“Hi Nick,

We had a great sail from Mission Bay to San Diego. The day was clear, wind about 8-15 kts. from the northwest. Perfect reaching and running down the coast. We made it so quickly I tacked offshore to look for whales. The wind started building 18 kts steady and we were flying on a beam reach. When we finally turned back to Point Loma the wind was gusting over 20kts and we took off like a bat out of hell. The puffs were probably around 25 kts. I 'm guessing we came close to 20 kts. on some of the power reaches during the puffs.

We finally made it to the club for a Jacuzzi and some hot rum while watching some of the super bowl. A girl who was sailing on a J-80 came by and said she saw us coming in. "Man you looked so cool, you were flying!" That helped ease the pain.

Anyway, It would have been nice to be able to quickly roll up some sail and get the boat under control. I think the stiffer mast with a 100 sq. ft. sounds like a good combo. Especially for places like Hawaii where it blows over 20 kts. a lot. I wish I had something like it this weekend

Aloha for now.”

Fritz Richardson, Owner of Holopuni OC3 S #1 is also the owner of Pacific Off Shore Rigging in San Diego CA.

Fritz has sailed around Cape Horn on Crusader. They were on a record breaking run ...untill they got de-masted off Chile. He writes about his wild sail on Super Bowl weekend. Fritz was sailing with a his Holopuni OC3 S with a 150 sq.f. crab claw sail...and states that he wishes he had our new 100 sq. ft. free standing, roller furling rig.

Fritz Richardson