Racks & Trailers


Holopuni Canoe Trailer

We have consulted with Tom Kemper of DGS Water Sports and designed a canoe trailer very similar to his home made trailer.

He designed his to fit (unloaded) into a regular parking stall.
The over all trailer is 22.5' long. This really faciltates the parking situation if you are out for a day sail in places with limited trailer space.

The trailer also has a 12' long x 4 'wide x 6 " deep space with a diamond mesh floor below the saddles. This is great for carrying all that extra gear for fishing, camping and for the Big Ahi catch on the way home or to the fish market. This trailer is made of strong tubular steel and painted white.



Roof Rack & Trailer Rack

The same saddles that we molded for our Holopuni trailer can be used for roof rack saddles. I recently utilized these saddles to carry a complete Holopuni OC3 Sailing canoe from Lake Tahoe to San Diego and back on a small Toyota pickup truck. It was a breeze.


Holopuni Canoe Dolly

Make moving your fully rigged paddling or sailing canoe a breeze with our 2 wheel beach canoe dolly. It disassembles for easy storage and transportation.
The balloon tires roll easily over the sand and can allow the OC3 to be launched by one person!