Holopuni OC3 Sailing Outrigger Canoe

All Holopuni Canoes are individually handcrafted by skilled canoe builders using high tech composite materials to ensure light weight, strength and durability.

The Holopuni OC3 SAIL has been designed with the demands of ocean sailing in mind. It has a great rocker for surfing waves and riding swells. The equally spaced iako and amas allow for sailing in any direction, including close reaches.

The optional dagger board increases directional stability, and the ama flotation enhances hiking and supports trampoline loads.

The Holopuni OC3 Sail incorporates reinforced iako mounts with the iako attachments raised an additional 3" on both the canoe hull and ama. This provides for additional water clearance when sailing in rough seas.

Two 15' matching sailing amas provide flotation and support for hiking out.
The Holopuni Iako-Trimaran set uses 2 amas that are rigged out at an equal distance from the hull. This is our favorite and recommended sailing set up.

Our iako design was created through years of R&D and consultation DGS WaterSports.

All canoes are hand-built and custom-made to order.

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Specs & Construction

The OC3 SAIL has a stronger lay up than the OC3 Paddling Canoe. The additional reinforcement is necessary to accommodate increased loads when the canoe is powered by a sail.

  • Length 30'

  • Weight 150 Lbs. ( approximate)

  • Solid covered deck with cockpit openings for three paddlers

  • Raised and reinforced iako mounts with the iako attachments lifted an additional 3" on both the canoe hull and ama. This provides for additional water clearance when sailing in rough seas.

  • Two 15' matching sailing amas

  • Flotation bulkheads at bow and stern

  • A sleeved mast step forward of the front iako

  • Strong, hi-tech polymer composite construction.

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Holopuni OC3 Sailing Canoe Includes:

  • Main hull

    • 30' sailing hull- with solid deck and 3 cockpit seat openings

    • Colors- Choice of Solid color or 2 color - hull and deck separate colors

    • Bow- spray shield

    • Flotation chambers with composite bulkheads-bow and stern

    • Composite bulk heads under bow and stern iako mounts

    • 3 composite seats

    • Mast step sleeve made with G-10 epoxy tube

    • Iako caps-Fast rig fiberglass bolt down caps for attaching iako to hull

    • Centerboard well and centerboard

  • Ama’s (Outrigger Floats)

    • (2) 15' sailing ama's

    • Choice of colors to match hull

    • Interior stringer

    • Positive interior flotation

    • Drain plug fittings

    • Iako caps- Fast rig fiberglass bolt down caps for attaching
      iako to ama's

  • Sailing I'ako Set (Attachment cross beams)

    • (2) laminated sailing iako for trimaran rig configuration

    • Blocks mounted for tramp pola attachment

  • Tramp sets

    • (2) sets of 3' wide mesh tramps attached to laminated cross pieces... (pola)

  • Sailing rig

    • Carbon fiber mast with roller furling drum attachment

    • Mastbase-UHMW plug and bushing

    • Carbon fiber boom section with mast fork and out haul

    • 100 sq. ft. Dacron sleeved sail - Ullman Sails Construction

    • Harken hardware for furling system, boom out haul and main sheeting

  • Other additional items sometimes requested

    • Strengthened lay up through out the main hull and ama's to accommodate severe weather and shoreline conditions, ie. Where weight is not a factor and camping or exploring inaccessible areas will be the primary use, this is sometimes requested. Adds maybe 15 lbs.

    • Installation of thru hull-glassed in 1" G-10 epoxy tubes bow and stern for mooring.

    • The Holopuni OC3 Sail can be fitted with a dagger board for additional directional stability.

    • Cockpit openings can be fitted with a rim to accomodate kayak type spray skirts and a full deck skirt can be added for ocean voyaging.

    • Trampolines can be attached to the iako for hiking out, extra passengers and for sleeping and carrying gear.

  • Additional Options Available:

    • Spray skirt attachments around each cockpit for rough water paddling

    • Spray Skirts - For each cockpit opening. Each spray skirt made of heavy duty waterproof material with a neoprene waistband.

    • Paddling iako set and attachment caps

    • Double hull iako set to rig two canoes together as a catamaran

    • Canoe beach dolly

    • Sunbrella covers for canoe hull and ama's

    • Canoe paddles

    • Steering paddles

    • Outboard Motor mount bracket

    • Saddles for truck racks or beach storage

    • Thru hull Self-Bailer

    • Thru hull tubes at bow and stern for securing additional lines

    • Additional flotation and storage compartments

    • Trampoline to rig between fore and aft iako

  • Iako Options

    • A Paddling Iako set can be be purchased to use the Holopuni OC3 Sailing Canoe as a regular OC3 Paddling Canoe.